Physically Fit

Sometimes scouts fly to other countries and have jamborees with other scouts. Above Scotch scouts.

Getting Fit and staying fit is important. You don't have to work out with weights or be good at sports or run miles. But you need to be active. Walking, running exercising at least twice a week is advised by experts. Walking is a best exercise. Running is even better. But do get plenty of physical exercise so your body is in good shape. You may need this in time of emergency.
Get adequate sleep. This is needed for a healthy body and mind. This is not just good advise but based on research.

Protect yourself from accidents. Avoid taking foolish risks or dares. More young people die from accidents than any other cause. Learn skills that will help you be safe. There is a safe way of dong things and a careless thoughtless way. Don't be a fool. That goes for anything you put into your body. The so called high one might get from sniffing chemicals, taking drugs, denying the body oxygen are simply not worth the risk of losing your life or becoming retarded. People get high naturally by being happy and in control. Scouts get a lot of pleasure by going places and doing things. They aren't fools who have to turn to drugs to be happy.

Avoid people who have a contagious disease, or are in a gang or are using drugs. Those are all potential killers. Use your own drinking glass. Do not drink out of the same bottle, cup or use the same towel, or washcloth as someone else. There are a lot of nasty diseases out there. During flue season public door handles, toilet seats, gas pump handles and other things handled by many people can give you dangerous germs. Use a tissue to open public doors during flu season. Hand sanitizer can also come in handy to kill deadly germs. Keep your fingers away from your eyes. People should cover a cough or sneeze. One can cough or sneeze into a tissue or at least an arm while turning away. You can follow this practice also. Keep flies away from your food. Keep your house and room clean so cockroaches and other insects won't make a home there. A cockroach can live on a crumb for a month.

The Food Groups Game

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