There are billions of animals on this planet. Many billions more than humans. Animals are very important to us. They are necessary for our existence. The informed person should know about them. They live in many environments.
Habitat Facts

Animals of the Forest
Forests occupy one third of the Earth's land area. Mankind is destroying our forests at a rapid rate and with it thousands of species of plants and animals. Assuming it lives at least 50 years, a tree exhales 6,000 pounds of oxygen in its life, or about 120 pounds per year.
defenders of the forests
World Wildlife Fund
Great site listing environment and species and more
Animals living in the Forest habitat
Tropical Rain Forest Wildlife

Animals of the meadow and farms

Common Farm Animals
Farm Animals
Common Wild Animals
Common Animals
Farm Animal Cruelty

On average, five acres of grassland contain about one ton of insects.
1 acre of hay meadow may contain 2.25 million spiders. Each of these spiders will eat 2 insects a week for 6 months, which works out at about 108 million insects! Meadow Animals

Habitat of Meadows
Meadows and grasslands Biodiversity
Grassland Animals
grassland A-Z
animals in grasslands
National Geographic Grasslands
Animals that live in Illinois prairies ecosystems

National Geographic Deserts
Desert biome

desert biome
desert animals
Earth floor biomes
Desert Animals
About Land biomes
Slide Show Deserts

National Geographic Freshwater
freshwater-animals Nature

freshwater e How

13 Scariest Freshwater Animals - National Geographic

animals at Enchanted Learning
freshwater A-Z

Urban Wild Animals (Little wild animals not the savage criminals or the people who crap in elevators) There are many species of these animals. Mice, rats, birds, insects, animals in our lawns, cats, dogs, racoons, and squirrels who having no forest to gather food have to pick garbage cans to live.
Urban wildlife

And those above are just a few of the animals found in urban areas. In addition there are billions and billions of insects, spiders, worms, bacteria and other small animals that live in or near the ground. This is what you see birds pecking at every day.
urban wild animals
What Is the Most Common Animal On Earth?
National Geographic Tundra
National Geographic Oceans
Animals A-Z
National Geographic Animal Facts
An Index to Animal Profiles and Fact Sheets
A to Z Wild Animals from Animal Planet

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